Born Again Vintage

I get around!

Touring that is! Why be a vintage expert and surround yourself with such fabulous finds, if you cannot share them. So while most thrifters are borderline hoarders I give freely of my resources! Montclair is known for many things and now it is known for its vintage. With a dozen vintage stores in one place, why not bring other lovers of vintage to good ol’ Montclair.

The remarkable thing about it is NONE of us are alike. We are very different. I have always taught in my vintage business classes that you must have a niche, something that will separate you from everyone else. At the end of the day only you have your eyes. Boy did I know what I was talking when going from one vintage store to the next.

I am honored to be apart of this dozen of very different vintage stores and I am pleased to have the Montclair Vintage Tour as apart of my FIT class! (CEO 031)

Here’s just a snippet of the fun we had!




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