Born Again Vintage

It’s a man’s world! (wink)

Who would of thunk it, that I would someday do men clothing. I avoided it at all cost. I had no interest nor passion for it. However, I was told if you hear something more than 3 times, pay attention! Considering I heard it about 3000 times, It has my full attention.

As much as I am open to a challenge I thought this was a challenge I couldn’t win. Why did it seem so difficult?  For starters I am a woman (duh) and I have a better shot at guessing what we like. Guys I have no clue. So where do you start when you haven’t a clue?

I started with comfort. I know only, we as women, are the only ones to wear something painful just for the sake of fashion. Next I went with easy, so instead of choosing busy & crazy colors that I ALWAYS pick, I went with typical colors like beige, blue, grey. I am already bored, LOL. Yet once I added my born again vintage flair its wasn’t so boring and I felt a twinge of hope and excitement.

Though I am only baby stepping into mens clothing, I am slowly getting excited to the possibilities.

This is an entry that will need a continuation….to mark my progress. Here is what my baby stepping has done thus far.

20120906-DSC_0175 20120906-DSC_0176 20120906-DSC_0177 20120906-DSC_0178

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