Born Again Vintage

If I can do it, anybody can do it!

Yes me, there I am and all my sustainable glory!

Pants $10…t-shirt 50 cents, the wonderful world of thrifting. How do you open up kids or adults to the idea of wearing old clothes when the mall exists?

You start by telling people “my pants were $10 and my shirt $.50” and then you follow by showing them what they can do to their own old clothes.


I have hosted workshops as far as Texas and have created Sustainable Fashion Programs in elementary and high schools.

It might be a hard sell to convince a teenager to only buy old and not go to the mall but its kinda easy to show them how to funk up their current wardrobe. Which ultimately keeps them from frequenting the mall as much and plants the seed that old could be cool too.

See the small steps taken below by these kids, teens and adults.



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