Born Again Vintage

A Collective Opening!

Man, there are moments and then there are MOMENTS! And the opening of Born Again Vintage “the collective” was one of those moments. Sure things were chaotic right up to the second we opened the doors, and sure models didn’t show up and of course we didn’t start the showcase on time BUT everything else was perfecto!


Run on sentence warning! From the Make Up team, FeFe Johnson and Jessica Malatesta to the newbie hair stylist, the models (girls and boys) and the model fill ins, painters, videographer, PR Danita King, graffiti artists, Friends who drove from chicago (kisses Laura & Patti)  and flew from N.Carolina (hugs Ang!) to the always supportive locals (Oneika, Neal, Iliana, Jonathan, Stew, Bethe&Michael), long distance support Marci Rosenberg, renown photographer Timothy Ivy, community support (Frank @ my blue suede shoes and Jerry @ Jerry’s Antiques), intern Khadijah, grand opening assistant Nicoletta, food by Sugar Plum (Karen and Yvonne) and of course I am forgetting people.


However, it could not of happened without Marilyn Z, the born again vintage workshop attendee turned styling guru. Where an innocent day of gabbing turned into ideas about “Mod Evil” window themes several months before opening. Fast forward to the week before opening where she and I are being screamed at about copper paint (don’t ask) then to 5 days before opening when the furniture vendor bails…UGH..yet we laughed and rambled thru it all as if magic were real and somehow it will all magically work out.(SPOLIER magic is real!)


Ok so then the designers..there would be NO collective without the designers. Everyone on board did their part, no issues, no problems, no egos (really), just talented people joined for one common cause under one roof. I know, first magic now fairytales but I am telling the truth. I have had a couple moments in life where I can say I’ve done good this time I must say WE have done good. A collective effort successfully creating one AMAZING collective! Hats off to us!

BAV-38 BAV-7

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