Workshops & Consultations

My Passion

Out of my passion for sustainable fashion, I have taught many classes and seminars for the Fashion Institute of Technology and other institutions worldwide creating a variety of workshops and private consultations to spread awareness. These workshops inspire and encourage alternative choices to be “greener” for consumers without sacrificing the desire to be fashionable. The more consumers are given smarter choices, the more Sustainable Fashion can be revealed as our best option.



Revamp Consultation: Give your wardrobe a makeover by a BAV team member

Upcycle Consultation: Learn how to give garments with sentimental value new life

Vintage Consultation: How to get the most from your vintage, what to sell, what to keep, and what to revamp

Workshops & Consultations have 2 primary goals:

  1. To build awareness on how to recreate from what we have and give it a longer life thus consuming and wasting less in our daily lives.
  2. Teaching methods on how to “green” your wardrobe and be more sustainable via fashion, fundamentally passing it onto family and friends. Ultimately changing how we think about clothing/fast fashion as a consumer.

 Interested in a Workshop & Consultations?

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